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Head Coach, Matt Long, 07403 025 881

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Coaching fees

Adult Daytime 8 on 2 courts £6.25   (90 minutes)
Adult Daytime or Evening Maximum of 6 players £6.25   (90 minutes)
Junior Development 8 on 2 courts (or 6 on 1) £4.75   (60 minutes)
Junior Performance 4 on 1 court (invitational) £5.75   (60 minutes)
Junior Mini Red Gryphon (indoors) or Club (outdoors) £4.25   (60 minutes)
Private Lessons    
Daytime Individual £15/£16 (60 mins)
Daytime 2 players sharing £10 each (60 mins)
Daytime 3 players sharing £7 each (60 mins)

Playing Past

Captain of the 1st VI at Monkton Combe School Bath, represented Avon County and played Doubles for West Hants Club.

Coaching Past

DCA coaching at West Hants Club
Member of the coaching team at St Lennards and St Ives

Coaching Present

DCA qualified (05)
Currently coaching a variety of players ranging from mini red / orange / green and full tennis beginners and focussing on performance tennis

Coaching Future

Coaching upgrades were completed in Taunton, September 2010.

Coaching Philosophy

To retain a high standard of coaching within the club environment for all players and to establish a firm performance base in the junior program.

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